After you’ve shared about the amazingness (yes, I just made up that word) that is Young Living, you’ll want to give your friends and family the opportunity to actually try a product or two or ten.  Some people will just take your word for it and jump all in, going straight to Step Three (Become a Member).  Others need some time to get to that point.  Either way, you’ll want to give them the opportunity to try the Young Living products for themselves.

TRY/BUY – Action Steps

  • Share a sample…then FOLLOW UP!  Be sure to ask them questions like, “How did you like it? Could you tell it helped? What other questions do you have?
  • Invite someone to a "Make and Take" or DIY event where they can see how easy it is to start incorporating Young Living into their lives.
  • Offer to share your wholesale discount with your friends and family. Let them add on an oil or two to your Essential Rewards order.
  • Invest in an extra diffuser that you can loan out to friends and family to try some oils.