Top 10 Reasons to Join Young Living

You may fall into a few of these categories or possibly just one! If you fall into at least one, then we believe a Young Living Membership will enhance your life.

  1. You want to purchase pure therapeutic grade oils at wholesale price. (24% off)
  2. You are on a journey of health and wellness and are pursuing optimal health.
  3. You are looking for a company with integrity and the highest standards of quality. (After all, you are buying for yourself and your family!)
  4. You love essential oils and will purchase at least once a year.
  5. You would love to get started with a kit including a variety of oils AND a diffuser.
  6. You are ready to pursue non-toxic living. (It is a process.)
  7. You are interested in receiving reward points for product you purchase that can be used toward free product! (ER)
  8. You are wanting to begin using all-natural hair and body products on yourself and your family.
  9. You would like to earn an extra income that you can use to purchase product. (You would like an income to support your oil habit.)
  10. You want to join a company that is leading the essential oil industry, who strives to live above the bar, and encourages everyone to live a happier healthier lifestyle.