You like free stuff right?  I mean, who doesn't? Free is awesome - plain and simple. Young Living thinks so too, which is why they give you the opportunity to earn free oils and product.  I'm not talking about the incredible generosity of the Essential Rewards program either.  I'm talking about earning a "thank you" (a.k.a. commission) check that will pay for your oils.

For every new member you help enroll in the company, Young Living will send you $50+! That's $50+ for EACH new enrollment!

Sounds pretty great to me! By sharing your love for Young Living and helping just THREE others launch their own oily journey with a PSK, you can start earning enough to more than cover the cost of a 100 PV ER order! Do this every month, and a good portion (if not all) of the cost of your orders will always be covered. (We'll cover more compensation plan basics in Phases 2 & 3: Circle of Success and Taking It to the Next Level.)