If you started with the principles in Phase One- S.E.T., you’re already on the road to your Circle of Success.   The first step is to SHARE.  Sharing comes naturally when we love something.  When that something becomes an integral part of our lifestyle, sharing about it just flows and comes from the heart. Think about something you love…what’s your passion? Working out? Knitting? Gardening? Chickens? Young Living?  The people in your life already know about it because you share it with them.  With Young Living, you have something amazing to offer.  Your friends and family will never know if you don’t share about it, though!

Here are a few ways you can share Young Living with those around you:

  • Make Young Living part of your lifestyle. Be a product of the product!
  • Carry your oils with you EVERYWHERE you go.  There are TONS of oil bags and carriers out there – fashionable, chic, trendy, practical, large, and small - from jewelry to hand bags and everything in between! You never know when an opportunity to share with someone will appear!
  • Classes are essential! We want to educate people about their oils and give them tools to take their wellness into their own hands.  Classes are an ideal way to do that.
  • Schedule a coffee or play date with a friend or co-worker.

SHARE – Action Steps

  • Make a list of at least 20 people with whom you can share Young Living.  Think friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, people who provide you a service.  I bet you’ll be able to fill this list in a few minutes.  Keep going and see how many people you can put on the list.
  • Purpose to share about Young Living with at least one person from that list per day.  Too easy? Bump it up to 3 people per day!
  • Pull out your calendar and schedule a time and date for hosting an Intro to Young Living class for your friends and family. 
  • Connect with your enroller or upline Silver+ and ask them to come teach the class for you.
  • Utilize the 101 Class here on OIL Coach. Invite your friends and family over, get your oils out, and press play!