PHASE 1 – Love it? Share it!

The premise is simple.  You love your oils and you want to share them with others. Some people feel intimidated by this.  They may ask, "How do I share the oils without sounding like a salesperson? I don’t want to overwhelm my friends and family.”  The good news is that you already know how to share the things you love.  Seen a good movie lately? Have a favorite coffee shop that makes your double-half-caff-mochaccino- with-a-splash-of-raspberry just the way you like it? Read a good book? Found an off-the-beaten-path vintage clothing store that suits your style perfectly? Happened upon a hole-in-the-wall diner that has to-die-for Monte Cristo sandwiches?  Your best friends already know about it, don’t they? Why? Because you told them about it. You shared what you love with those you love.  Young Living is no different, my friend! Sure, there are lots of methods we can utilize to share about the oils (and we’ll get into those different methods in other places here on OIL Coach) but it really is that simple – if you love it, then share it! When you share it, Young Living sends you a “thank you” (a.k.a. commission) check.

But, let’s be real. The compensation can be overwhelming. There’s a bunch of new terminology to learn, and if you’ve never been part of a multi-level marketing company before, the concepts of commission and bonuses can be confusing.  But, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  We want you start with small pieces of the compensation plan and master those before moving on to the next Phase. Young Living has made it as simple as Ready? S.E.T. Go!