So, why Young Living? Why not some other oil company? Why can’t you just head down to the local health food store and pick up a few essential oils there?  Here’s the short answer:

“Quality is not negotiable.” 

These are the words printed in plain type, very humbly placed into a page protector, and pinned to the unfinished wall of the distillery in Mona, Utah.  In four short words, it summarizes the heartbeat of Young Living’s farm operations. 

You won’t get too far into a conversation with a Young Living oiler before you hear the words “Seed to Seal.” It’s all over the Young Living website and their product labeling.  But what does this mean? Why does it seem so important to the Young Living community? In their own words, Young Living shares it this way:

At Young Living we take our stewardship of the planet and its inhabitants very seriously. We diligently scrutinize every step of our production process to bring you the purest products earth has to offer.

We call it...Seed to Seal.
It’s not a slogan—it’s our calling.

Seed to Seal is the process to which Young Living commits as they set the standards in purity and authenticity of essential oil production. Every step of the process – from the seeds used to grow the plants to the sealing of the bottles containing the goodness that is essential oil – is rigorously monitored and controlled to ensure a high quality product that is what nature intended.  The five steps of Seed to Seal are:

Seed – Young Living takes great care to select seeds that have the highest potential to produce high-quality essential oils.

Cultivate – Young Living currently owns 11 farms worldwide with more on the way. We partner with other farms that are held to our high and strict standards. Each farm focuses on sustainably growing high quality plants that will produce the world’s finest essential oils.

Distill – Young Living is truly a world leader when it comes to distillation methods.  Our oils are distilled using low heat and the length of distillation is perfectly timed to maximize the number of bioactive compounds in each plant. Cold pressing and resin tapping are methods used for a select number of oils.

Test – The company uses internal testing as well as third-party labs.  If something doesn’t meet their standards, they simply will not accept it.  In fact, they never accept diluted, cut, or adulterated oils from their partners.  It just doesn’t happen.

Seal – State-of-the-art equipment brings the Seed to Seal process to a close as oils are bottled and shipped to members worldwide.

Many of us have had the opportunity to visit the Young Living farms and see their distillation process up close and personal. We've chatted with the men who oversee the herb operations at the farm, work in the fields and the labs, and run the distillation process.  The thing that most impressed all of us was how passionate each of them are about this process. Great pride is taken in the role they play to bring Young Living Essential Oils to the world. Quality is not negotiable to them. And it shouldn’t be to you either.  There is a difference with Young Living, and we invite you to experience it.

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