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Lets first begin with talking about how scents spark our emotion. The smell of coffee in the morning brings me joy! Even before i sit to drink that warm cup of joe, I smell it and my face lights up with anticipation.

Have you ever had a scent trigger a memory? The smell of a new car? a certain kind of flower?

It is amazing how our bodies work and how our brains react to aromatic triggers.

Each essential oil has its own scent, some AMAZING, some NOT so amazing! As they enter our bodies when we smell them, they produce change in our emotional state.

We have 5 senses and the sense of smell is the only sense that has the ability to activate the emotional center of your brain! REACH FOR ANY ESSENTIAL OIL…. OPEN YOUR BOTTLE NOW…SMELL!!! You are changing your emotional state!!!


We are complex beings! It is amazing! As you study, you can learn the intricate details of our Limbic System. Located in the limbic system is our amygdala which is known as the the place where all the emotional information is stored (the emotional center)

Candice Pert was a neuroscientist who discovered the mind-body connection (opiate receptor).The connection suggests that our emotions and feeling don't just linger in our thoughts and hearts, rather they have an impact on our entire physical bodies. If you are constantly thinking fearful thoughts, you are also constantly implanting toxins and therefore changing your DNA.

Cells have memory and toxic thoughts and negative emotions damage receptor sites. Cells communicate constantly with each other. Information to cells must travel though a receptor site, if that receptor site is damaged or blocked by toxins, the cells will not get the necessary information and disease and sickness take form (Dr. Carolyn Leaf).

Essential oils Have ability to cross the blood brain barrier. This means they can get access to and help repair or unblock those receptor sites from the effects of the stress in your body.

REACH FOR ANY ESSENTIAL OIL…. OPEN YOUR BOTTLE NOW…SMELL!!! You are repairing an unblocking your receptor sites!!!


Our life is filled with ups and downs. We can go through life wavering in and out of crisis feeling nothing (numb) or we can choose to let ourselves feel. We need to learn to identify the emotions we are experiencing so we avoid stuffing them and letting them affect our body. Too much shame, fear or guilt or too little of identity and love can cause extreme emotional stressers in our life. This emotional distress can lead to damaged cells and eventually, disease! Identify the emotion, call it by name so you can allow yourself to feel it. Otherwise you could be opening the floodgates to sickness, especially in the toxic world we are living in!

In the book Who Switched Off Your Brain, Dr Carolyn Leaf explains how disease and bodily issues are more prevalent in our day and age and 87% of those illnesses are caused by thought life! Studies have shown that negative thoughts and emotions actually cause toxins in the body. 

Toxic thoughts can cause many common illnesses such as migraines, diabetes, skin issues, strokes, allergies and others.

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” Proverbs 23:7a


Everyday we have anywhere between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts. You have a constant inner dialogue that plays non-stop throughout your day, week, month and life. How many of those thoughts are positive? How many of those thoughts are negative? Once you identify the thought you must decide that thought is true or false. Then the thoughts begin to change and become feelings and emotions.

The emotions you experience will either be fear base emotions (hate, rage, frustration, worry) or Love based emotions ( peace, joy, happiness, contentment). From there, Carolyn L. Mein says, they begin to move into your physical body… and they all have specific locations they are assigned to disrupt (Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils).

Here are some examples:

Anger is generally stored in liver or gallbladder….

Worry is in your stomach (Butterflies in your stomach).

Fear in Kidneys

Stress in Heart

Wow! Those really do make sense! Emotions really do speak to the body! Let’s begin to monitor our thoughts, decide whether they are true, experience the emotions and move on! I know I don't want these negative emotions sticking around for too long and settling into my body… and I don't think you do either!


Have you had a chance to think about your emotions and what you are feeling? 

Here are some great graphics that will help you with knowing where to get started! 

Do you experience one of these emotions more then the others? Start with one of the suggested oils in that category. 

Open a bottle....breath it in....apply on your skin. (I always start with wrists, forearm or feet)


Young Living has many essential oil blends that were created for specific purposes. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, has created many of these blends himself. The Feelings Kit includes 6 of these incredible blends with very specific goal in our emotional health.


This oil blend has some amazing singles that help uplift your mind and bring clarity. Sometimes we let ourselves get in the way when we have been hurt and have experienced pain. There are times we need help to overcome that bitterness that tries to take root.

Diffusing or breathing in Forgiveness oil may help you let go of some of that hurt and pain. When using this oil topically, there is no need to dilute because it has sesame oil as a carrier oil already added in (for sensitive skin always dilute).

Other uses according to Dr. Carolyn L. Mein, D.C. include dealing with betrayal, distrust, revenge and self-denial.



This blend is amazing for balance. When your day is just “off” and you are feeling stressed and scattered reach for Harmony and take a deep breath. You can also apply 2-4 drops on your wrists, sides of neck or even over your heart. As I apply my essential oils, I always pause and try to be thankful as I find the much needed balance in this crazy life we live. 

Dr. Carolyn L. Mein D.C. mentions Harmony oil for dealing with emotions of being ignored, crushed, feeling hostile or beating up self.


Have you ever said “oh to be young again”? Here is an oil blend that is so refreshing and energizing you will want to skip and play. It gives me an extra bit of “FUN MOMMY” to be silly and keep up with my creative children! This oil help you connect with your true inner self and enables you to find that and step toward emotional balance. 

Another use for Inner Child according to Dr. Carolyn L. Mein, D.C. is clearing cellular memory. This is the same cellular memory that Dr. Carolyn Leaf talks about in her books on brain and emotional health. Our negative thoughts become cellular memory and imbedded in our brain. Using Inner Child can help release those negative memories.



Who Likes change? There are times i welcome change and there are times i resist it. When i am feeling that pull to not embrace the change that is coming then i reach for Present Time. (Honestly i should reach for it more!) 

Some specific emotions that Present Time helps with, according to Carolyn L. Mein D.C. are loss, malice, stuffed emotions and feeling taken for granted.


This is on of my favorite emotional oil options from Young Living. I tend to hold on to things an dwell on circumstances or situations that are out of my control. Applying Release helps me ….”Let it go, let it go…..” (you know the rest ;)) 

Release is known to open subconscious and “release” past trauma.

Carolyn L. Mein D.C. mentions a few other emotions that Release is used for, which are; depression, fear (of success), loss of identity and rebellion.




Valor II is similar to the original Valor (which is now back in stock... great emotional strengthening oil as well). It helps you to feel empowered and uplift the soul. When you need some liquid courage or some bravery add a few drops to your wrists or piece of diffuser jewelry. This is great for public speaking or entering a situation that may feel uncomfortable!


The book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn L. Mein D.C. lists many emotions that arise in this crazy roller coaster we call LIFE! below you will see a few common emotions and oils from your starter kit that may help you overcome some of those tough moments. If emotional strengthening is something you are interested in for yourself or others, I recommend getting her book. She shares connection between areas of your body and emotions and how applying oil to those areas help release those emotions you want to deal with.

If you only have the Premium Starter Kit here is a place to start.....

Lavender- Abandonment or criticism

Lemon- being left behind, entitlement, sadness , stuck, regret/remorse, emptiness and frustration

Purification- Anger, being alone, negative thoughts and fear of rejection

Peppermint- Failure and Fear of dependence

Panaway- Exhaustion, fear of emotions and emotional pain

Frankincense- worthlessness and anger

Young Living essential oils have been instrumental in my emotional health. Start today with one oil from this list and continue to use it foe several days. The changes don't happen overnight.... but they do happen! 

I hope you enjoyed learning about emotions and oils. May you all find balance and peace as you continue or begin your journey. ❤️

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