Brooke & Roger Horne

Young Living Gold

Member Since: September 2013
Favorite Oil: Hope
Favorite Non-oil Product: Nitro
Farm(s) Visited: St. Maries, Idaho & Mona, Utah
Before oils... My husband and I are both Sign Language interpreters by profession. As a family we have been on a health journey, changing unhealthy habits into a life pursuing health and wellness.  Finding Young Living has supported and enhanced this journey by helping us obtain optimal health to pursue our dreams!

Amy Walquist

Young Living Silver

Member since: August 2013
Favorite Oil: Peppermint
Favorite Product: Thieves Cleaner
Farms Visited: Mona, Utah & St. Maries, Idaho

Before Oils... I was working as a Registered Nurse, mostly part time for more than 20 years.  My absolute favorite work environment has always been with children of all ages.  I was happily working at a local non-profit when I began using oils and fell in love!  Preventative Medicine has always been a passion of mine, particularly for myself and my family.  

Louise & Ed DeLaney

Young Living Silver

Member Since: October 2013 though I've been using oils since 2007
Favorite Oil: Currently, it's Humility
Favorite Non-oil Product: NingXia Red
Farm(s) Visited: Mona, UT
Before oils...I spent over a decade working as a labor doula and childbirth educator, and while I still love pregnant women and helping them step into motherhood, the season of active doula work is over. 

Andrew & Dana Villeneuve

Young Living Executive

Member Since: October 2013
Favorite Oil: Magnify Your Purpose
Favorite Non-oil Product: NingXia Red
Farm(s) Visited: none yet

Before oils... We were not health conscious and we had no children, and being healthy was on our radar but not a top priority.  Once we started our family we embarked on a journey to become healthier so we could set an example to our children, and so we could be well enough to enjoy living life with our children! Once we started changing out our unhealthy habits Young Living just fit so naturally into this lifestyle of health and wellness.  

Jennifer Breedlove

Young Living Gold      

Member Since: August 2013
Favorite Oil:  Thieves
Favorite Non-Oil Product:  Pure Protein Complete Protein Powder
Farms Visited:   St. Maries, Idaho and Mona, Utah

Before Oils...  I am an educator-always have been and always will be.  Before oils, I taught preschool and elementary school, tutored, and homeschooled.   Today, I educate people about living a chemical-free lifestyle with oils and oil-infused products.  Education is my calling. 

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