Young Living Canada was born of entrepreneurial trailblazers who envisioned a lifestyle that united health, passion and opportunity. Propelled by a desire for connection to the earth, people and energies of the majestic country we call home, their tireless devotion to that vision crafted opportunity for others. 

Since our beginning, that pride and passion has echoed across Young Living Canada. Together, we continue to empower and elevate the lives of families from coast to coast; uncovering opportunities for greener choices and plant-based living that touch generations of hearts every day. 

With gratitude for our strong roots and confidence in where we’re headed, we’re proud to look back on all that we’ve achieved together. Knowing it would not have been possible without all of you, we’re celebrating Young Living Canada’s 5-year anniversary reflecting on some of YL Canada’s key milestones and celebrating our journey with you. 

Place a qualifying 190 PV order on Essential Rewards (ER) and earn one of Canada’s first-ever natural health products, Jade Lemon, and one of our most popular blends, Valor! Plus, you could earn other essentials FREE this month with your qualifying order including an oil from Canada’s very own farm in Fort Nelson, B.C., Northern Lights Black Spruce, our first supplement, OmegaGize³, 55 ER points and a special anniversary-edition of the popular YL Canada branded hat from 2017 International Grand Convention! 

Reach any of the PV minimums this month to qualify for these free, anniversary essentials and enjoy the Essential Rewards (ER) exclusive bonuses when you reach 100+ PV or 190+ PV in a single March ER order.

100 PV Reward

Retail Value: $18.09 CAD

Place a 100+ PV order through ER and enjoy Jade Lemon essential oil FREE!

Jade Lemon 5 ml (ER Bonus)*: The bright, lemon-lime aroma of this oil was one of our first registered natural health products (NHP) in Canada. Its invigorating properties help to relieve cough and cold. 

Quick Orders: Does not qualify for 100 PV Reward.

ER Orders: Limit of one (1) free Jade Lemon per qualifying order.

Single Orders over 100 PV do not earn duplicate rewards.

190 PV Reward

Retail Value: $124.01 CAD

Northern Lights Black Spruce is yours free with a single Quick Order of 190 PV. Place your qualifying order on ER and you’ll also receive Valor and Jade Lemon FREE. 

Northern Lights Black Spruce 5 ml: When it comes to Canadian pride, our roots run deep with our Northern Lights Farm in Fort Nelson. Distilled on pristine Canadian soil, this grounding, rich oil is great for diffusing, massage and helps maintain the appearance of healthy skin. 

Valor 5 ml (ER Bonus)*: This empowering blend is one of Canada’s most popular; combining the powerful properties of Northern Lights Black Spruce, Blue Tansy and Frankincense to create feelings of strength and courage. 

Quick Orders: Limit of one (1) free Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil per qualifying order. 

ER Orders: Limit of one (1) Valor and one (1) Jade Lemon essential oil, free. 

Single Orders over 190 PV do not earn duplicate rewards.

250 PV Reward

Retail Value: $179.01 CAD

55 ER Points and Northern Lights Black Spruce are yours free with a Quick Order of 250 PV or more. Place your qualifying order through ER and you will also enjoy Valor and Jade Lemon essential oils, free.

55 ER Points: Celebrate Canada’s five-year anniversary with ER points to spend like cash and redeem on subsequent orders for your favourite Young Living products, or treat yourself to a product you’ve never tried before. 

Quick Orders: Limit of one (1) set of 55 ER Points and one (1) Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil free per qualifying order. 

ER Orders: Limit of one (1) Valor and one (1) Jade Lemon essential oil free. 

Single Orders over 250 PV do not earn duplicate rewards.

ER Points will be credited to qualifying accounts on or before April 30, 2018.

300 PV Reward

Retail Value: $304.34 CAD

Order 300 PV through Quick Order and receive OmegaGize³, an exclusive branded YL Anniversary Edition Hat, 55 ER Points and Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oils FREE! Place your qualifying 300 PV order through ER and you’ll also enjoy ER bonuses of Valor and Jade Lemon essential oils free!

OmegaGize³As the first supplement YL released in Canada, OmegaGize³ quickly became popular. Its combination of three core daily supplements helps support brain, heart, skeletal, dental and overall good health maintenance. 

Branded YL Anniversary Edition Hat: Make your oily pride known and keep your head held high. The exclusive branded anniversary cap is a fun, fashionable way to show off your YL Canada pride! 

Quick Orders: Limit of one (1) OmegaGize³, one (1) Branded YL Anniversary edition hat, one (1) set of 55 ER Points and one (1) Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil free per qualifying order. 

ER Orders: Limit of one (1) Valor and one (1) Jade Lemon essential oil free. 

Single Orders over 300 PV do not earn duplicate rewards.




Canadian FAQs

1.  Is the Premium Starter Kit in the same in Canada as in the USA?

No. Our starter kit oils do vary a little. Right now in Canada you will receive Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint, Panaway, Purification, Thieves, and Copaiba, Digize, R.C. And Northern Lights Black Spruce!


2.  How much is the Canadian Premium Starter Kit?

$199.75 (plus tax and shipping)


3.  Can I order all oils in the Canadian Market?

Although we have many oils available on the Canadian Market (and Heath Canada is approving more here in Canada on a fairly regular basis), there are some that you will need to order from the American market. So if you are looking to buy an oil or supplement that is only available on the USA market, you would need to place two separate orders. 


4.  Are the oils the same in Canada and USA because our labels are different?

Yes your oils are the same!  Labels in Canada must have both English and French so our labels reflect that.  Also Health Canada regulations do not allow the recommendation of ingesting so our labels state only aromatic and topical use.  You will notice the oils you order from the USA market will have directions in ingesting if it is safe to do so according to the GRAS list. 


5.  Am I restricted to only placing one ER order a month?

In Canada we are allowed to place two ER orders. You can place both a Canadian and a USA Order. 


6.  Do I have to redeem my ER points in the same market I earned them?

No,  ER points can be used in both markets. 


7.  Do I have to pay duties or exchange on my oils?  

If you are ordering from the Canadian market no!  You pay the price listed and there should be no duties (just verify your shipping selection). 

If you order from the USA market the prices you see are in US dollars. So you will pay exchange but again you should not pay duty (just verify your shipping selection). 


8.  Are the Canadian and USA promos the same?

Each market has a different promotion. If you purchase the promotional amount (190pv, 250pv or 300pv) you will get the promo from the market you ordered from! You can order from both Canadian and US markets in the same month and qualify for both promotions.  BONUS!!!


9.  How do I contact Young Living Canada?

We have a special line where reps are trained on all things related to Young Living in Canada.  1-855-429-2616