Gentlemen! There's an oil for you!

Hey Men, Listen up! Are you under the impression that oils are for girls? Well, let me tell you there is a whole aresenal of manly oils and oil products just for us! For now, I'm going to share about just one of those amazing man oils. This is the one that I lovingly refer to as the King of Man Oils? It's called Shutran and it's one of MY everyday oils! 

Shutran is used often times as a cologne, but is so much more than that! This oil is formulated to optimize normal healthy testosterone production in men!

More exciting features of Shutran are the feelings of masculinity confidence that it provides. It can also enhance those special intimate times with your spouse. Diffusing Shutran can help encourage "the mood" for him and her! Now is a great time to order Shutan and receive 10% off if you order February 15-19th, 2016. 


So many great benefits to using this oil! If you've never tried it you should add it to your man oil line up!