Thieves Cleaner as a Degreaser

Have you ever removed the knobs on your stove?  I did.  Ugh.   Gross!    It was a greasy nightmare.    Apparently, I should have been removing them much sooner than I did!  

Well, now that they were off, I couldn’t ignore the fact that there was a mess hiding behind them! 

But, as we all know, grease is tough!  It is not as easy as many other cleaning jobs that we may encounter.  I was questioning whether my trusty Thieves cleaner could handle this job!      And, I must admit, that I was fully prepared to go to the store and buy a toxic cleaner if my Thieves cleaner failed me!     But, I am happy to report……..Thieves cleaner saved the day!   I am not sure why I was surprised.   But, being that it is all-natural and non-toxic, I guess I thought that it may not be able to handle such a tough job.  I was wrong. 

This is a photo of the area behind my stove knobs.  One has been cleaned with Thieves cleaner and one has not been.  See the difference?  

stove image.jpg

Note:   Because this area was very, very greasy, I had to use the Thieves cleaner fully concentrated-directly out of the bottle.   I just poured some onto a paper towel and started scrubbing!  Voila!  Clean! 

Thieves for the win…..again! 

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