Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake (AKA: Chunky Monkey)

Kid-tested and mother-approved!

Do you struggle with getting enough protein into your children in the morning?    I did.    The problem?  My kids eat breakfast around 6:30 am, but their school lunch period isn’t until noon!  That is a long time to wait for food.   Admittedly, we are lucky that our boys’ school allows a snack time for all grade levels. But still, a snack is not the same as a protein-packed meal!   The second problem?  I have one kid that hates eggs.  Sigh.  How can a kid hate eggs?    Yes, I force him to eat them because they are such an awesome way to get protein.   But, some days, I need an alternative.   This shake, my friends, is the alternative!  

 Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake!

This is my boys’ favorite shake!  When I tell them that I am making it, they all say, "YES!"

Mama for the win.

Not only does it make my kids excited, but it is packed with protein and nutrients to fuel their school day.

Note: I have tried a few other brands of protein powders with my kids that they refuse to eat. I just had to throw a perfectly good jar of protein powder away that I had just purchased from Whole Foods because they hated it.   But, they LOVE the powders from Young Living......especially the chocolate! Seriously, I have to hide it from them because they love it so much!

I don’t measure exact amounts, but here are the ingredients:

Milk - dairy or non-dairy- (I use dairy for my kids.) I filled the blender about 3/4 full of milk.
Banana (I use two bananas for a full blender.)
Peanut Butter (3-4 large spoonfuls) Other nut butters may be substituted.
Chocolate Pure Protein Powder-2 scoops

I just dump and taste until it tastes good.

This recipe make about five smoothies! Each of my three boys have one serving and my hubby has two!