Welcome to the Beauty and Skin Care class!

Now is a great time to begin caring for your face! I made this change about a year ago and begin consistently using YL products on my face and have had SOOOO many compliments on my skin....I promise you that you are worth it!

I began with just moisturizer and then each time I redeemed my ER points, I added another skin care product each month or so...Still don't have them all but my collection is building and I am continuously falling in love with more and more.....

You don't need to use ALL of these products because some are lighter or heavier based on your skin type.
The general protocol is cleanse two times per day. Odd days: masques and/or heavier moisturizers and Even days: exfoliate/tone and restore. Moisturize daily-light in am and heavier in pm based on skin type....

In case you are curious as to my current routine.....I use: Orange blossom every morning (shower) and Sheerlume to moisturize. Follow odd days-exfoliate satin mint scrub/ART toner. (Need to add in Beauty Serum). Even days: Cream masque. I also cleanse again in the evening with Orange blossom and jojoba to remove eye makeup. I add in Jojoba oil with essential oils to moisturize (frank, myrrh, geranium).

This moisturizer is great if you don't need a heavy moisturizer....I use this in the summertime and Sheerlume' in the winter!

Love the oils selected for it!


I recently ran out of this cleanser but it works great for my skin. It is a gentle and mild cleanser and I love ordering the ART skin care kit....

Cleanse twice per day. Circular or upward gentle motions. Think about trying to gently get under the layers of shingles of a roof....

Did you notice this has frank, sandalwood and Melissa in it? What is not to love?

Toner should be used every other day and restores the natural ph of the skin! Toner closes the pours and readies the face for moisturizer. Decreases appearance of pours. Slightly moisturizing and extremely gentle!

Use toner on odd days of the week....after exfoliating with satin facial scrub....

BUDGET TIP: If you need a temporary alternative to the YL toner for budget reasons temporarily (till you build your stock), try witch hazel (organic) and water 1:1....

Take time NOW to pamper your skin and you'll thank yourself later!

This is another one on my short list :).

I need this and a few others to complete my skin care regime.

Many of us struggle with dry, 'stripped' skin. Art Renewal Serum hydrates x 10! Apply this (and all moisturizers) in a light circular motion. Also useful for trouble spots. Feels very light-light in viscosity.

I need this for winter!

I just bought this and used for the first time....my face needs a bit of 'repair' since being out of the country for so long and not caring for it properly....

I love this stuff! It feels light but yet effective! Smells amazing, too!

A spa-quality masque made with Boswellia Carteri and Orchid flower extract? Yes, please!

Use for 20-40 minutes or even overnight.

BUDGET TIP: Can be used once and then placed back in packet and in frig. Use other side another day!

Sheerlume' is a favorite from the skin care line for me. It has a heavier moisturizing ability-which is much needed for me, especially in the winter.
Contains licorice root extract which is skin-brightening...

It also has given my skin a glow that was previously not as noticeable

Wolfberry eye cream is intended to be dabbled with ring finger around your eyes.....NO RUBBING!

Promotes skin tightening! Another amazing skin care product for those of us with 'mature' skin!

This is a must have!

Note the MSM powder in Orange Blossom....MSM is the name for organic sulfur. Sulfur is needed for collagen and keratin production which gives our skin a smooth and youthful glow. MSM is called nature's 'beauty mineral' because of the great benefits to the skin! This brightens dull skin!

BUDGET TIP: Get a foam dispenser and put a thin layer of Orange Blossom in the bottom and fill with water. Now this will last you 6-9 months!

This product is good for anyone who struggles with inconsistencies in their skin's appearance

Helps with wrinkles? SOLD! This is on my wish list.....

This one is a heavier moisturizer as well. Great for spot treatments or around eyes....