Are oils safe for kids?  

The short answer is YES!    For the long answer we have linked you to a video that Dr. Lindsey Elmore has done on this topic. 


Should I dilute more for my kids? If so, how much?   

When you are using oils on your little people, it is important to have a general idea how much they weigh.  I will oil my 80 nine year old differently than I will oil my 140 pound 15 year old!  Look at this dilution chart below to help you decide how much to dilute.


What is the easiest way for my child to oil himself?  

The easiest way is roller ball blends!    All they will have to do is remove the lid, roll it on, and put the lid back on!    There are two options.  First of all, you can buy the Kidscents blends at Young Living.   These blends are specifically formulated for kids.  They already have the carrier oil inside and the roller ball automatically comes on every bottle.    The second option is that you can make a custom roller ball blend for your child.  To do this, you can either purchase roller balls bottles online or you may use an empty YL oil bottle and a roller ball.    Using the dilution ratios for your child’s weight, you may fill the bottle with the appropriate amount of essential oil vs. carrier oil.  Then, you pop the ball on top and hand it to your kid.  Easy!   He or she can roll it on whenever they please! 


How do I get my kids to take their oils internally?

There are a few options for this question! First of all, you may buy smaller capsules.   The ones that YL sells are too big for most children. Typically, kids can handle the size 5 vegetable capsules.  (Available on Amazon)  If you don’t think that they will EVER swallow a capsule, then you could consider slicing a strawberry in half.   Drop the oils in the scooped out part and have your child eat the strawberry.  Another option is to drop the oils in their water or in their smoothie.  Of course, success of this tip will very much depend on how the oil tastes!   

What do you put in your kids’ diffuser at night while they sleep?  

Diffusing at night is an EXCELLENT way to get oils in your kids’ systems without them even knowing it!  This can be a VERY helpful technique for teenagers that resist the idea of all things oily!   Of course, there are many different combinations for the diffuser, but the most popular combinations are for sleep, for brain support, for respiratory, and for immune support.    These are the ones I use most frequently. While we are talking about diffusing, I must mention to you that YL carries kids diffuser!  While your teenagers might not enjoy them, I bet your younger kids will!  Not only do they diffuse, but they act as a nightlight as well!  Check them out!


My kids hates the smell of the oils?   What can I do?  

Well, first of all, I just told you about the diffuser trick.  Many parents simply diffuse for their kids at night.    Being oily for 8 hours is better than not being oily at all!   But, here is another trick. Vitaflex points.  Did you know that there are nerve endings in the bottom of your feet that connect to every organ in your body?  So, if my kid needs brain support, then I would put the brain supporting oils on his big toe because that is the location of the brain nerve endings.   For example, my teenage son needs help with focus at school but he won’t go to school smelling like oils!  So, before school, he uses his focus roller ball blend on his big toe. Then, he puts on his socks and shoes.   Nobody can smell it, yet he is getting the benefits of those oils at school!  Okay, here is one last trick.   Cover the smelly oil with an oil your child enjoys.   For example, if my youngest son has a tummy ache, then I will ask him to choose whichever oil he loves.  (It is always lemon for him!  It is his favorite!)    So, I will rub some Digize on his belly (very stinky but helps the tummy.)  I will wait a few minutes and then I will cover the Digize up with the lemon. (not really used for tummies, but it smells good!)   I was able to give him the stinky oil without him having to smell it for a long time! 


Do you have any DIY recipes for kids that you use frequently?   

Yes!   We have lots, but for the sake of time, I will give you two that I always keep on hand!   First of all, Ouchie Spray. Friends, I have all boys.  They climb trees to uncomfortable heights, they jump their bikes and scooters like Evil Kanevil, and they are drawn to ALL THINGS DANGEROUS.   Ouchie Spray might be a bit of a downplay for them.   Maybe I should call it Near Death Experience Spray?  The other DIY we use very frequently is the Bugs Be Gone Outdoor Spray.  We spend A LOT of time outside as a family.   We hike, we garden, we bike……     We need the Bug Be Gone Spray or we would be a mess!     Commercial Bug Sprays are horrific for your kids!  Please choose this natural option instead.  


Does Young Living carry supplements for kids?  Yes!  

The two most popular supplements that many oily kids take is Ningxia Red and the Mightvites chewable multivitamin.  For kids that need brain support, Mindwise is a popular supplement choice.  


What other products does YL carry for children?  

Living has an entire line of Kidscents products!   There is bath gel, lotion, shampoo, and toothpaste.  And, remember, we already talked about the roller balls blends designed for kiddos.


My kid won’t eat breakfast.  Do you have any ideas?   

Yes!    This is a popular predicament among many kids, especially teenagers!  But, breakfast is crucial to their ability to think, process, and retain information at school! They need to have nutrition in the morning!   Our solution to this problem is Pure Protein Complete.  While my kids aren’t really interested in most foods that early, they will drink a protein shake.   Yes, there are many times that they are drinking their shake in the car on the way to school!  We shared our two favorite recipes below. 


My teen wants to wear toxic perfume or cologne?  Is there a way to use oils instead? 

Yes!    For the sake of every single person in contact with your kid, you should get her to switch to essential oils!  Some people will simply dab the oils that they prefer on their wrist and neck.  Other people choose a diffuser necklace or bracelet.  (Yes, they make cool necklaces for guys as well!  Check out Sacred Arrow jewelry.)    A third option is to make a spritzer.  You may buy spritzer bottles online. Then you simply add the oils and spray.  It works exactly like a toxic perfume, yet it is helpful to their bodies instead of harmful!   


My teen has a few blemishes.  What can we do with oils? 

There are several choices!   First of all, he needs to focus on cleansing.   There are several DIY recipes for cleanser. We have posted our favorite below.  Or, you may use the Orange Blossom Facial Wash from Young Living.  I use both methods of cleansing, but I prefer the Orange Blossom because the DIY versions can leave the face feeling dry at times.  After he cleanses, I will have him use a roller ball blend of purifying, cleansing oils on his face.     Periodically, I will have him use the Satin Facial Scrub or the toner from YL as well.   Honestly, he isn’t that consistent with those, though!  If I feel like he is really struggling, then I will have him take Inner Defense supplement for a bit to address some of the “gunk” going on inside his body!