Action Steps

  • Place a drop of oil in your hands, rub your hands together, cup them over your mouth and nose, and breathe. Lavender is a great choice!

  • Place a few drops of oil in your diffuser. Stress Away is a great place to begin!

  • Grab your Lemon and notice how it says supplement on the front. This tells you that you can ingest this one. Drop a couple of drops of lemon into a glass cup filled with water. (Don't put oils in plastic.) Enjoy this all-natural, calorie free treat!

  • Grab your RC. Notice that the front of it does not say anything about being a supplement, so I know that I should use this oil topically or aromatically. Look at the directions and see how much you will dilute the RC. Once you have found that combine some RC and carrier oil in the palm of your hand using the dilution ratio on the bottle. Rub the oil on your chest and take deep, slow, breaths.