Welcome! Have you considered hosting a Holiday Make & Take at your home, church, or your workplace? This class will give you ideas about what gifts you and your friends can make, what food you can serve at the event, what to put in your diffuser, and how everyone can wrap their creations!

Your guests might enjoy making these Quick & Easy Bath Bombs! The Stress Away helps calms nerves and the Peppermint is great for supporting the respiratory system!

Lavender Oatmeal Bath Soak.....Lavender and Frankincense are amazing oils for the skin and for relaxation! So, they are natural additions to the bathtub!

Makeup Remover Pads! My mama made me some of these for Christmas and they are wonderful!

Decorative Hand Soaps.... Have you ever made your own soap? Making it completely from scratch can be a bit tricky, but this recipe calls for soap base which greatly simplifies the project! It is as simple as melting, adding oils, and pouring in a mold! Done!

Bubble Bath! Relaxing in a bubble bath is one of my favorite hobbies! Adding Joy oil to that bath can only make the experience more pleasant!

Scented Diffuser Ornaments! I have had many pinterest fails when it comes to making homemade ornaments, but this recipe looks very simple! Roll, cut, dry, and scent. I think I can handle that.....

Wassail.... As your guests arrive to your Make & Take, they will be greeted by the pleasant smell of Clove, Cinnamon, & Tangerine. They might not ever want to leave your home! I just made this cider recipe for our Thanksgiving dinner and I can tell you that it tastes delicious! I added the oils to a small amount of brown sugar before adding them to the juice so that they would disperse properly in the liquid.

Your guests will enjoy this oil-infused cheese ball!

Brownies! After your guests are done crafting, they might enjoy a sweet treat while they visit! These peppermint brownies will hit the spot!

Winter Diffuser Blends.... Be sure to fill your home with one of these pleasant winter scents during your party! The hardest party? Choosing which one you like best!

Wrapping... When your friends are done creating gifts, they might decide that they want to go ahead and wrap them all! For this, simply have a roll of brown paper, brown paper lunch sacks, a roll of jute, some ribbons, and some natural items for decoration. You might gather some pinecones, a sprig of pine, or acorns. Also, you could put out some plain white paper for making paper snowflakes. If you want your packages to smell nice, then you might consider dropping a drop of Christmas Spirit oil on the brown paper! With just a few simple supplies, your guests will be ready to go home and place their presents under their tree.