With their kit in hand and some tools ready to go, your friends are ready to fall in love with their products…just like you did.  This step can be a little tricky for some of us.  While we want to stay available to our new enrollees, we don’t want to smother them.  The key to this step is to be patient and have balance.  Just like you fell in love with Young Living at your own pace, you’ll want your friends to do the same.

FALL IN LOVE – Action Steps

  • Host a Make and Take or DIY night.
  • Share the “What’s Next” oils – your favorite products outside of the kit.  (This is where it’s important to remember that a “starter kit” does just that…helps you get started! There’s so much more to learn!)
  • Pass along the monthly promotion information to your enrollees.
  • Make a list of “For Further Learning” books and resources that you can share with your fellow oilers.  Some people will want everything they can get their hands on.  Other people need a slower pace.  Have a wide variety of information sources.  Check out our favorite resources here.
  • Keep sharing your favorite stories and products with your friends and family.
  • Make a small “Thank You – Welcome to Young Living” gift bag for your new enrollee.  This doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. A welcome booklet, some Epsom salt, roller bottle, and a small glass bottle for carrier oil doesn’t cost much (less than $5) and will go a long way to helping your new enrollee get started and excited about their PSK.
  • Call your new enrollee about a week after they order to make sure they got their kit and answer any questions for them.