Welcome to our Fall Cooking Class! Put on your aprons, preheat your ovens, and grab your oils. Yes, your oils! Have you used your oils for cooking or baking? If the answer is no, then I am making it my personal goal to tempt you to the oily side, my friends. Your oils are amazing in food! In this class, all of our recipes will focus on fall cooking-soup, cocoa, pumpkin, cranberries, apples, and more……. These recipes will be perfect at your hayride, bonfire, or Thanksgiving dinner table. Let’s get cooking….

Note: The O.I.L. Leaders have personally taste-tested every one of these recipes. It was a really tough job, but somebody had to do it! You’re welcome for gaining ten pounds for you….

Another note: Because all three of the people writing this class are gluten-free, all of these recipes are either gluten-free or can be easily adapted to be gluten-free by using GF flour.

This non-alcoholic punch would be a great cocktail at your fall gathering! Party-goers of all ages will enjoy its fruity flavor! Serve it over ice and garnish it with cranberries or lime slices!

In a sea of desserts, sometimes it is nice to have a fruit tray to curb your sugar cravings! Choose your favorite fruits and then mix up this healthier version of a fruit dip.

Cream cheese makes everything better, right? Can I hear an amen? (Sidenote: I never, ever told you that this class would be low fat. Sorry. Fat and I are friends.) Mix up this oil-infused cream cheese spread and stuff it in your sweet peppers for an easy appetizer. If you have some leftover, it is good with crackers as well!

I grew up on tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! For this reason, tomato soup automatically brings me warm fuzzies! But, this recipe is so much better than the canned stuff that I ate as a kid. When my husband first tried this, he said, “Oh my gosh.” I waited to see if it was a good “oh my gosh” or a bad “oh my gosh.” He loved it! He particularly liked the fact that the oils give it so much seasoning! Warmth in a bowl......

Cranberries are a food that I have a love-hate relationship with. We had a BAD EXPERIENCE with a Cranberry Pork recipe a few years ago. To this day, when my cooking is brought up, my family says, “EVERYTHING my mom makes is great……EXCEPT THE CRANBERRY PORK!” All of us have been scarred permanently by cranberries. But, I am happy to say that this recipe has redeemed this little fruit. I hope you like it! Note: If the dressing is a bit too tart, then decrease the amount of cranberries a bit.

At risk of sounding like a lush, where has bourbon been all my life? Seriously. This recipe is so delicious that you need to just make it now. Like right now. Get in your car. Go to the grocery store. You can finish reading the post later…….

Later: Okay, now that you have your ingredients, get to cooking! My kids don’t usually like sweet potatoes, but they loved this recipe! (Don’t worry, the alcohol cooks out of it!)

Funny story: (This has absolutely nothing to do with the recipe. It will just make you chuckle. ) So, my family just recently moved to Oregon. While preparing to make this recipe, I go to the grocery store with my 13yo to get all of the ingredients. I walk up and down the liquor aisle looking for bourbon. I see TONS of wine and beer, but no bourbon. So, I stop an employee and ask him for help. He informs me that in the state of Oregon, grocery stores are not allowed to sell liquor. (Let’s pause for a moment and remember that there was an entire aisle packed with beer and wine. Okay? That’s not alcohol? LOL) Anyway, the only way to get the bourbon is to go to a liquor store. I will admit to you that I have never been in a liquor store in my entire life. Ever. I chicken out and go home without the bourbon. I walk inside my front door and my husband asks me if I found the bourbon. I told him that I didn’t want to go to a liquor store. After making fun of me a bit, he gets in the car and drives to get some. After he leaves the store, he calls me and says he has it. I asked him how much it was and he said $20. Then, I freaked out because $20 for liquor? I only needed ½ cup! So, he goes back inside the liquor store. (Can we all hear a shout-out for my awesome hubby at this point in the story? He is the behind-the-scenes guy in this group!) He asked the lady at the counter if they had any smaller bottles. They had these tiny single serving bottles, so he traded his big bottle of bourbon in for a smaller one. What a guy! But now I REALLY LOVE this recipe, so maybe I should send him back for the bigger bottle......

Okay. At some point, we must put down the desserts and eat a vegetable! These green beans are sprinkled with oil-infused salt and bacon! Bacon is the way to my boys’ hearts….

Note: Cream of mushroom soup is not great, you guys! This green bean recipe is a much healthier choice than your traditional green bean casserole!

This is the first time that I have ever made homemade caramel sauce! It was so easy and it tasted amazing! I will not buy it ever again! You can’t go wrong with apples, caramel sauce, and ice cream, you guys….. Fall is in the air.....

This is my standby brownie recipe. It is flourless! Typically, I don't love the taste of gluten-free flour, so I am always looking for flourless recipes. This one rocks! If you are gluten free, then you will be thanking me for this! If you aren’t gluten free, then you need to make it for a gluten free friend and you will make their day! It tastes like you are eating a melted chocolate bar! If you use Enjoy Life chocolate chips, then this recipe will also be dairy free and soy free!

Tip: If you are gluten-free, then always volunteer to bring dessert to potlucks! If you don't bring it, then you probably won't get any. Which would be tragic.

I can’t REALLY call this cooking because it is so easy. But, we all need a quick “throw-it-together” dish to take to potlucks. This is it! Infuse your chocolate chips with fall oils and then mix in your favorite trail mix additions. Voila. Done!

Nothing says “fall” like hot cocoa next to a fire! Hot cocoa mixes, as a general rule, are terrible for you! While this recipe is fattening, it is made with mostly decent ingredients. I would consider it a definite step up from the mixes. Because everything is better with pumpkin, I added it to this recipe! In order to make it taste like pumpkin pie, I added cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg as well! My son and I have double-checked the tastiness of this recipe many, many times for you……

Lemon. My nine-year-old can’t get enough lemon! It makes him happy just smelling the oil! So, add it to a cookie? How can that be bad, really?

After all of that cooking, you deserve some wine!   Have you ever added oils to your wine?     I don’t drink wine, but Amy, my sister, does!  She says that her favorite oil additions are Jade Lemon and pretty much any other citrus oil.   Test them out and let us know which oils you prefer in your wine!