Welcome to our Between the Sheets class! Are you ready to address a “hot” topic?

I know the husbands are!!! Bedroom romance is about the hottest topic I know! Did you know that there are several oils that will enhance your experiences between the sheets? Set up the diffuser and cue the Marvin Gaye music because it is about ready to get steamy in here. If you and your husband  or wife are enjoying this class together (and you should be), “research” should be saved until the class is over. But if waiting is not possible, hurry back because we’d hate for you to miss out!  We started with falling in love with lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. Soon we discovered that the world of essential oils was so much bigger then we expected. We began our journey to non-toxic living in the kitchen and laundry room….then the non-toxic journey brought us to the bedroom! 

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this class is about oils and libido. Yes, I said it. Libido. Sex. Oils. I understand that many of my girlfriends may be completely uncomfortable with this topic for multiple reasons. In this post, I am going to address the number one reason that women are squeamish talking about sex. Body image. We don’t feel “sexy enough”. Let’s chat about this a bit. Did you know that being sexy is not about your physical appearance? It isn’t! Many women get so caught up in their physical flaws that they are blinded to the beauty inside of them! I think we need to be a little kinder to ourselves. Nearly every man I know believes that his wife is beautiful. Can you embrace that? Beauty is not a physical appearance. It is a confidence in knowing that you are awesome. Seductive. Beautiful. When I am feeling unconfident and needing some encouragement in how I feel about me…I reach for these 3 oils…Joy, Valor or Believe! I will place a drop or two on my wrists and behind my ears. I will also take a few moments to speak truth against the lies that are coming against me. (I am fearfully and wonderfully made, My husband thinks I am beautiful, I am special, I am beautiful, I am loved) Body image is not just a woman issue...men you are wonderfully made as well! We all need to embrace our amazing qualities. In the comments below, tell me some of your amazing qualities.


Before we get started, we need to give you a few tips about using the aphrodisiac oils! Please read this before attempting anything that you read in this class!

-Only use YL oils. Using cheap, adulterated ones down there? No, just no.

-Before trying an oil in a sensitive area, try it on your forearm first. You don’t want to learn that your body doesn’t like an oil in uncomfortable places.

-Never use hot oils undiluted on sensitive membranes: Thieves, peppermint, lemongrass.

-If a recipe calls for ingesting, please make sure you are using Young Living!

-Always, try an oil topically before you try it internally to test for sensitivity.

Life is all about balance. We balance spouse time and kid time. We balance our protein and our carbs. We balance play time with work time. Balance. We need it. In these posts, we will discuss balancing your hormones. Did you know that hormones and libido are closely related? Let’s discuss a few oils that will help you in this area.

Mister:  This blend was originally formulated to balance male hormones and to help support healthy prostate function. Mister contains yarrow, sage, myrtle, fennel, lavender, and peppermint. All of these are good choices for getting your man back on track. If your husband’s libido gas tank is running low, this is definitely one to look at to perk things up again! Apply to the inner thighs, scrotum or abdomen. Note: Many women find that Mister helps balance their hormones as well!

Progessence Plus: Progessence Plus was developed by a doctor that specializes in women’s hormone issues. He noticed that many women with a low sex drive had low progesterone or ZERO progesterone. In addition to libido concerns, many of these women suffered from other physical issues such as migraines, a difficult PMS, hot flashes, or night sweats. Progessence Plus can help balance you out, my friend! Application: 2-4 drops to the forearms and/or neck once daily. Dilution not necessary for most.

Endoflex: Endoflex supports the endocrine system. Your endocrine system is responsible for producing hormones! It regulates your metabolism, your mood, and your sleep. Also, it can be helpful in supporting your pituitary, your thyroid, your adrenals, and for increased energy. When looking at getting “in the mood,” it is important that you look at your hormones as your starting point! 

Idaho Blue Spruce is a favorite oil for the guys! Well, really it is for the ladies, also. Because when He wears it, it will make the intimacy better for HER! And when it is better for HER, then HE will experience larger amounts of intimacy, SO…..win/win all around. What does Idaho Blue Spruce do? Use it as a lubricant to help him stay firmer and last longer. Also, IBS can help with testosterone levels. Dr. Dan Purser shared that 8 drops of Idaho Blue Spruce a day in a capsule can increase testosterone by 30% in 2 weeks. This oil can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. If your husband needs a perk-up pill, then give him a capsule of 3-5 drops of Idaho Blue Spruce 20 minutes before bedtime. Also, he can take it in a daily capsule for overall male health.

Clary Sage:  As women get older, their natural lubrication may decrease. For this reason, you will love Clary Sage! This oil may increase your natural levels of estrogen which will help you feel more frisky and more lubricated during your evening fun. You may use it topically, internally, or aromatically. When I am not in the mood, I use Clary Sage to rescue me and change my perspective…I typically apply on my wrists, forearms, or Vita-flex points for reproductive system. (I also like to diffuse Shutran to encourage my body and mind to follow my heart!) Clary Sage is a key oil in Dragon Time, Sclaressence and Lady Sclareol! All these Young Living blend oils help with balancing hormones! Topically: 1-2 drops on wrists daily Internally: 1-2 drops diluted in olive oil or honey daily

Orange:  One of the biggest turn-ons for guys is a lady who is excited and energized with a positive attitude and fun-loving demeanor! Uplifting citrus oils can really do some lifting up. It just puts him and her in a good mood and helps you be receptive to having a good time together! After a long day at work, or with the kiddos, energy may be low for one or both of you… get some orange oil into your system, diffusing in the air, or rubbed into the skin topically for a boost in energy and positive mood! AND IT JUST SMELLS GOOD! If anxiety is in the bedroom, diffusing Orange is a good way to get rid of it and just relax! 

Ylang Ylang has been long considered an aphrodisiac. In Indonesia, the petals of Ylang Ylang flowers are sprinkled on the beds of newlywed couples on their wedding night. It increases libido in women and men are attracted to its scent on their lady. It may be used topically on the inner thighs or it may be placed in the diffuser for mood-enhancing. These are my favorite ways of using Ylang Ylang…HAVE YOU SMELLED IT? it is an absolutely amazing aroma that instantly calms and relaxes me. It may be used internally as well!

Nutmeg and Goldenrod are blood-pumping oil for your mister. They stimulate energy and pump blood to every. single. part. of the body. You hear that guys??? Also, they dilate his blood vessels. Can you put it altogether? Energy. Extra Blood. Dilated Blood Vessels. Bada-bing bada-boom, You want Nutmeg. And its called GoldenROD for a reason!!! All in the name! Suggested application is Nutmeg on inner thighs or abdomen. In addition to those, Goldenrod can be applied directly on the golden-rod. Want to try a “Perky Pill?” Put 5 drops of Idaho Blue Spruce, 3 drops of Goldenrod, and 3 drops of Nutmeg in a capsule with 10 drops of Olive oil. Have him take it 15-30 minutes before go time. 

Cypress:  In the book, Lucy Libido, the author calls Cypress the “Thigh-master” because it is LOVELY when applied to the thighs. It stimulates blood flow to the most important parts of your body during romance! Cypress=Blood Flow

Apply to her inner thighs. Apply to his inner thighs. Mix with orange for an uplifting and stimulating experience. 

Post 13-Shutran.png

Shutran is an oil that can help increase His feelings of masculinity and confidence. This is a wonderful addition to the bedroom! He feels more manly and the ladies are very excited by the fragrance as well. I have called this the oil that turns “I just want to cuddle tonight , honey” into “ BRING IT ON!!!!” So gentlemen, learn how to work your diffuser and diffuse this at bedtime to help her get in the mood even when she may not be feeling it….yet. Suggested daily application: two-three drops to the forearm or directly on the scrotum.

Sensation rocks. It is a blend of Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, and Jasmine. It smells similar to Joy, but a bit softer. Many people enjoy using it in the diffuser to set the mood. Many women enjoy using it topically on their inner thighs or in their cleavage crease to help them PURRR. Sensation comes as an essential oil and as a massage oil. While we are going to give you lots of DIY recipes for massage and lubes, the Sensation massage oil is great option for that as well. Honestly, there are just times when we don’t want to stop to make up a DIY blend. Enter Sensation Massage oil…… Just order it…you will thank us later!! 

To get you in the mood, here are some recipes .... ENJOY!!!