You’ve shared Young Living with your friend. She’s tried a couple of oils, and now she’s ready to take the plunge into membership.  This is the official start of the Young Living journey, and boy what fun it is! Not only do our friends and family get the best pricing on Young Living products with their wholesale discount, but when starting with their Premium Starter Kit, they are sure to get the most bang for their buck, too!

BECOME A MEMBER – Action Steps

  • Come up with some easy-to-reproduce message scripts for you to share with your contacts who are in the process of becoming members of Young Living.  There is a handful in the Circle of Success book by Monique McLean.  You can also come up with your own. This will save you time and energy as you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again.
  • Go to your Virtual Office and create a custom Sign-up Link. (Member Resources > Link Builder) This way your contacts who are ready to get started with their own PSK will have an easy way to sign up under you. Or another option is to create a short link HERE.
  • Invest in a stash of a good welcome booklet to send to your new members.  Oil Revolution Designs has a nice one.   When you have a new member enroll, send them a quick thank you note along with the welcome booklet.  This small investment will pay off huge dividends in the end as you equip your enrollees with tools and knowledge so they can get the most out of their kits.