Would you like to have text in front of you as you are going through this class?    Are you the type of person that needs a paper document in front of you for the learning to stick?    This class was written in a similar order to this Essential Oil Starter Guide.  If you have one, you may follow along in it while you are watching the video. 

1.  What are essential oils?

2.  Why Young Living?

3.  Precautions

4.  Using essential oils

5.  Lavender

6.  Peppermint

7.  Lemon

8.  Frankincense

9.  Raven

10.  Valor

11.  Citrus Fresh

12.  PanAway

13.  Thieves

14.  DiGize

15.  Stress Away & Peace and Calming

16.  Ningxia Red

17.  What's in a Premium Starter Kit? 

18.  Diffuser options in the PSK

19.  Flex Oils

20.  Frequently Asked Questions about a YL Membership

21.  Other Young Living Favorites